April 20, 2011

The depressing inevitability of hope

Band: Various Artists
Album: Darkness Hath No Boundaries
Origin: Various
Genre: Doom, Drone, Metal, Sludge, Black Metal
Year: 2006

Another Southern Lord Records sampler seemed fitting in the spirit of Roadburn. I couldn't find a decent picture so you'll have to do with this small one. Also quite a lot of Black Metal on this one. Enjoy!

1) Sunn O))) - It Took The Night To Believe
2) Thrones - Senex
3) Oren Ambarchi - Excerpt From Triste
4) Boris - A Bao A Qu
5) Lair Of The Minotaur - Cannibal Massacre
6) Craft - Earth A Raging Blaze
7) Twilight - Woe Is The Contagion
8) Orcustus - Wrathtrash
9) Haemoth - Kontamination
10) Xasthur - The Funeral Of Being
11) Earthride - Fighting The Devils Inside Of You
12) The Hidden Hand - Vulcan's Children
13) Saint Vitus - Mystic Lady
14) Earth - Raiford The Felon Wind

Various Artists - Darkness Hath No Boundaries

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