April 22, 2011

Band: Various Artists
Album: For To Listening
Origin: Various
Genre: Metal, Punk, Hard Rock, Experimental, Sludge
Year: 2011

Hydra Head Records have released another free sampler which you can procure in the same way as the last one. It has 11 tracks including a Pyramids remix by Justin Foley (The Austerity Program), Cave In covering Black Sabbath and a booklet with pictures and information in it. Enjoy!

'... our new, free, digital sampler entitled For To Listening. It's got a bunch of jams you probably haven't heard before, and if you have then congratulations.' (Hydra Head)

1) Helms Alee - Elbow Grease
2) Gridlink - Orphan
3) Oxbow - Daughter Bent & Floating
4) Neurosis - Prayer
5) Buzzov•en - Drying Out
6) Discordance Axis - Oratorio In Grey
7) Clouds - Secret Potion
8) Cave In - N.I.B.
9) Gridlink - 3 Miles Below Sea Level
10) Jesu - Annul
11) Pyramids - Monks (Justin Foley Remix)

Various Artists - For To Listening

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