April 14, 2011

Say You Love Satan

Band: Acid King
Album: Live At Roadburn 2007
Origin: U.S.A. (San Francisco, California)
Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal
Year: 2007

By now, Acid King has probably finished their set at Roadburn and I'm guessing that it must have been awesome. So I decided to post this recording of their set at Roadburn 2007. The sound of this bootleg is just amazing(probably soundboard) and the setlist is quite awesome, especially since they open with my favourite track. It's a must have, Enjoy!

Purveyors of sludge / doom since 1993, ACID KING is a great tonic for  sore throat, nausea, hives, itchy rashes, vapors, hysteria, and  general fatigue syndrome. Apply Acid King liberally for up to 1 hour  at a time, then rest in a dark place until symptoms disappear. Acid  King can be used in combination with most other drugs without fear or side effects. When taken with Cannabis and Alcohol, the effects of Acid King may be enhanced. Acid King should only be used responsibly  under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Caution:  there is some evidence that long term use of Acid King may become  addictive.(Roadburn Description)

1) Busse Woods
2) 2 Wheel Nation
3) Heavy Load
4) Electric Machine
5) Bad Vision
6) On To Everafter
7) Into The Ground
8) Sunshine And Sorrow

Acid King - Live At Roadburn 2007


Darsh said...

Thought you might like this. part 1 of 3...


The Whale said...

Thanks a lot! Especially since I very much like the extremely catchy Elizabeth! Where you there?

Darsh said...

No, just noticed it on YouTube and figured I'd share. The same poster also has stuff from the Sunn O))) and Godflesh sets.