February 08, 2010

I want to see the sun blotted out from the sky

Band: Skullflower
Album: Rotten Sun 7"
Origin: Great Britain
Genre: Noise, Drone, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock
Year: 1990

My exams are over so I can finally get back to posting here. Since I'm expecting the newest Skullflower (Strange Keys To Untune Gods Firmament) in my mail soon, I decided to post this single. It was limited to 500 copies and contains 2 tracks. Rotten sun is a different version from the same track on IIIrd Gatekeeper. It's shorter and has a more bass heavy sound like on the Birthdeath EP (find it here). Spook Rise is a bit smoother but still fuzzed out. Enjoy!

Skullflower - Rotten Sun 7"


Anonymous said...

thanks, great stuff

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you know this "I want to see the sun..." comes from the Stone's famous "Paint it black" single, mid-60's.