November 24, 2009

Drowning in sound...

Band: Skullflower
Album: Birthdeath EP
Origin: Great Britain
Genre: Noise, Drone, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock
Year: 1988

Fuzzed out, feedback drenched, bass-heavy, droning noisy stoner rock. That's how I would describe Skullflower. I discovered this band because they were invited by Neurosis to play Beyond The Pale at Roadburn. This is their first release which explains the very minimal and basic production. It's very hypnotic, with lots of delay and feedback, tribal like drumming and almost hidden vocals. The song structures are provided mostly by the bass and the drums while the guitars just freak out. Enjoy!

Skullflower - Birthdeath


dk said...

thx a lot for this one, one of the rare Skullflower I did not possess.


this is pretty damn good never heard of these guys thanks a lot