February 24, 2010

While I fuck the world...

Band: Various Artists
Album: Resurrection
Origin: Various
Genre: Drone, Doom, Metal, Experimental, Punk, Black Metal
Year: 2009

I know that things are still going slow here and that I've been saying that I would get more active a lot, so I'm just going to promise that again. And since I love compilations, I'm starting with another Southern Lord label sampler. It's the newest one so it should reflect the label's most recent work/releases. This was supposed to be up a week ago, but I had problems uploading it. Enjoy!

1) Wino - Release Me
2) Pelican - Embedding The Moss
3) Eagle Twin - Murder Off ...
4) Wolves In The Throne Room - Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog
5) Black Cobra - Omniscient
6) The Accüsed - Splatterbeast
7) Orcustus - Asphyxiokenisis
8) Black Breath - Murder
9) Virulence - Blank Stare
10) Earth - Junkyard Priest (Live In Vienna)
11) Sunn O))) - Isengard (Chopped And Screwed)

V/A - Resurrection

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Elbos Presley said...

that's the spirit. thanks.