December 06, 2008


For his second compilation, The Whale wanted to give his own twist to the 'Best Of 2008' theme. He decided to make a retrospect of the gigs that he saw between September and December 2008. Because of this he used the most recent material of each band available to him and decided to keep the bands in the chronological order in which he saw them. Enjoy!

1) Porn (The Men Of) - Mastodon Entrée
2) Big Business - Shields
3) (The) Melvins - The Smiling Cobra
4) Sardonis - Nero D'Abola
5) Demented Are Go - Mongoloid
6) The Hellacopters - Dirty Women
7) Motorpsycho - The Alchemyst
8) The Killbots - The Whore (Without A Name)
9) My Sleeping Karma - Hymn 72
10) Hypnos 69 - Vertigo
11) Los Natas - No Es Lo Mismo
12) Brant Bjork And The Bros - Oblivion
13) Diablo Blvd. - Scarred And Undefeated
14) Hermano - Exam Room
15) El Guapo Stuntteam - Back From The Grave
16) The Datsuns - Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For?
17) Lento - Earth
18) Ufomammut - Stigma
19) Isis - Dulcinea


Insane Riez said...

As I see your compilation, I believe we were at the same concert, october 25th, Het Depot, Leuven?
It was a damn good night!

The Whale said...

Yes it was, first time I saw My sleeping Karma (loved the projections behind them, the 70's animated movie thing), Los Natas and Brant Bjork.

Insane Riez said...

I was impressed by the projection of the Los Natas logo. My Sleeping Karma did not so many to me, my friends called me insane about that (hm, it's in my name). The highlights that evening were Hypnos 69 (I thought those guys should be a bit older) and Los Natas. Brother Bjork was in my opinion a little boring. Have you seen that bassplayer? It seems he had a shot of heroine before going on stage!
But if you go often to shows, maybe you can mail me a list of upcoming stonershows in Belgium?
My e-mail is

ksn said...

whale - this looks great, missed it first time around. thanks for posting, all the best for 2009!


The Whale said...

Thanks and a happy 2009 to you ksn!