November 30, 2008

I Don't Want To Turn Android.

Band: Los Natas
Album: Tormenta Mental Y Paranoico 7"
Origin: Argentina(Buenos Aires)
Genre: Stoner Rock
Year: 2002

Los Natas covering Brainstorm(Hawkwind) and Paranoid(Black Sabbath). Enjoy!


RyGar said...

Never heard of these guys, but I'll bite because I love the songs. Also, the Dickies have a pretty great cover of "Paranoid". Haven't heard a lot of great Hawkwind covers, though.

The Whale said...

Oh, Los Natas is great, though this sin't the best recording they ever did, it's just fun because of the covers.

RobixXx said...

Just got into Los Natas and I love these guys!

thanks for this 7''