December 15, 2008


Band: Various Artists
Album: Legacy Of Dissolution
Origin: Various
Genre: Drone, Experimental, Noise
Year: 2005

This tribute album features remixes of tracks by Earth. Dylan Carson has handpicked some obvious followers of Earth's droning singular sound and a few suprising choices for a remix collection that shows how wide these slow motion riffs have hit.

First up is Mogwai who add layers of guitar and feedback to Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine. This is followed by Russel Haswell his noisy take on Tibetan Quaaludes. Next up is Thrones And Dominions as remixed and stretched out by Jim O'Rourke. The fourth track is the most suprising one. It's Autechre's remix of Coda Maestoso In F(Flat) Minor. They strangely enough deliver the most 'rock' like track by barely deviating from the original. They remix it in the most literal sense, brightening the guitar and bringing the driving bassline up front and center. After that, industrial brummie Justin Broadrick treats you with his Jesu-style shoegaze rework of Harvey. Ending this tribute are Earth's loyal adepts Sunn O))). They take the same track as mogwai (they named it Rule The Divine(Mysteria Caelestis Mugivi)) but bring it into the dronedoom territory for which they are well known. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

¡¡¡Muy bueno!!!
thank you "ballena malvada".
Doom(DRONE) on!

the worried well said...

Great album, my intriduction to them through Mogwai

Tim said...

Your title of this post is an awesome album by Soundgarden =)

The Whale said...

Yeah it is, though I haven't heard it yet. I first learned about this title via the boris sunn o))) altar bonus disc, also named satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas. (beacause kim thayil also worked on that record)