December 12, 2008

Rock Me Amadeus!

Band: Boris
Album: Heavy Metal Me Audio Rip
Origin: Japan(Tokyo)
Genre: Drone, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock
Year: 2005

This is the audio rip of the Boris DVD Heavy Metal Me. A Bao A Qu is the 7" version with both sides put together. The Evil one which sobs is a remix of the Dronevil song. Lastly, there are live versions of the songs Feedbacker, recorded 2003-11-1 at Shinjuku Liquid Room, and Flood, recorded 2001-5-3 at Koenji 20,000v. Enjoy!


dymon said...

Great find. Thank you very much!

COOL FOOL said...

Wow! Excellent

The Whale said...

I'm glad you people like it.

Burek said...

Thanks very much for this! ^_^