December 18, 2008

Swingin' On The Riviera One Day...

Band: Man Or Astro-man?
Album: Return To Chaos 7" EP
Origin: U.S.A. (Auburn, Alabama)
Genre: Surf
Year: 1995

Great EP by the legendary surfband from outer space. Enjoy!


RyGar said...

Love these guys. I put their version of "Manta Ray" on the covers comp I posted. I like it better than the original, by the Pixies. I've got three of their albums, not sure how many they recorded. The album "Intraveinous Television Continuum" opens with a Videodrome sample. Also, check out Servotron, it's a side project that has a more electronic vibe, w/ a little Devo thrown in. Thanks man.

The Whale said...

Yeah, I have intraveinous television continuum, and I like it a lot.

COOL FOOL said...

Wow I like this group!Thanx