November 27, 2008

Make way in the fast lane, make way for the choo-choo train...

Band: The Killbots
The Killbots
Belgium ( Hasselt)
Hard Rock/ Stoner Rock / Garage Rock

Hellbent and ready to rock, The Killbots are an example that Belgium still has some talent. With their fast Rock 'N' Roll they resemble another great belgian band El Guapo Stuntteam, but upon listening to this record you can't help hearing some influence from the likes of Clutch and Masters of Reality.
This self titled album is actually their second album, as they tried to sell their first ( 8 Balls of Steel) to a number of record labels. That didn't work out until one day in 2007 Funtime Records thought it was time to bring back some of the heavier guitar violence. That resulted in this record with 12 songs that are filled with strong and mature riffs and a couple of great solo's.
This record is still one of the best records from belgian artists I've ever heard. And I have been going to their shows ever since the first time I heard them play at the Pukkelpop festival together with El Guapo Stuntteam. They got me hooked with their song Tantra ( my favourite ).

This record won't leave you unsatisfied, I'm sure of it.

"In your eye"

-The Electric Eel-

The Killbots - The Killbots


Capitain Poon said...

Great post, a big aussie band, but I differ, the label is Rock'n'Roll. jajajaja. Cheers and beers friend

Insane Riez said...

This is suprising great, such a freshness. I hope they play soon somewhere near The Hague!

The Whale said...

They are not aussie captain poon...

Chairmaker said...

There's some really good songs on this album- whore (without a name) has a killer riff.

Paul said...

Its nice to hear some real rock and roll! Rock is dead in the USA.