November 24, 2008

Expert Texpert Choking Smokers, Don't You Think The Joker Laughs At You?

Band: Boris With Merzbow
Album: Walrus/Groon
Origin: Japan(Tokyo)
Genre: Noise, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Year: 2007

This 12" is another collaboration between Boris and Merzbow. It's recorded in 2001 and released in 2007 on Hydra Head Records (limited to 2500 copies). The A side is a cover of I Am The Walrus by The Beatles. The B side(Groon) has the same name as a King Crimson improvisational piece. The artwork seems to be a tribute to Close To The Edge, a record by Yes. Enjoy!


RyGar said...

Nice. I just DL'd this from somewhere else a couple of weeks ago. I usually HATE Beatles covers, but this ones got an almost haunting quality about it. Just noisy enough.

The Whale said...

Yeah, Merzbow's noise gives it an nextra psychedelic touch.