July 14, 2008

We're Too Good For The Charts

Band: Peter Pan Speedrock
Album: Speedrock Chartbusters Vol. 1
Origin: The Netherlands
Genre: Garage Rock, Hard Rock
Year: 2002

On this album, Peter Pan Speedrock wants to show that they are influenced by more than Motörhead and AC/DC. Bringing you covers from classic bands (Led Zeppelin, The Cult,...) and more obscure bands (Elvis Hitler, Blood On The Saddle,...). A bit slower than most of their albums, but still rocking.

1) Goofy's Concern (Butthole Surfers)
2) Can't Stop Me (The Loved Ones)
3) Sailor Man (Turbonegro)
4) Bad Fun (The Cult)
5) Live Fast Die Young (Elvis Hitler)
6) Attitude (The Misfits)
7) Beer For Breakfast (Blood On The Saddle)
8) The Creeps (Social Distortion)
9) Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin)


Capitain Poon said...

Great band and great covers. Cheers

Anonymous said...

going to see PPS tonight (again), kick-ass band; haven't heard this cover-compilation yet, though; checking it out

GREAT BLOG: keep on doing the thing
and GOOD LUCK with your EXAMS

The Whale said...

Thanks, and have fun at the gig, they'll probably blow your mind