July 13, 2008

Big In Japan...

Band: Boris, Tomsk 7
Album: Boris/Tomsk 7
Origin: Japan, U.S.A.
Genre: Sludge, Punk, Noise
Year: 1997

This is the 7" split by japanese band Boris and arizona band Tomsk 7.
I know nothing about Tomsk 7. I do know that they have 5 tracks on this record, ranging from grindcore to sludge and noise. The track by Boris (Mass Mercury, which is longer than the five Tomsk 7 tracks) is a mix of sludge, some noise and drone and some very heavy bass and is the best side of this 7" in my opinion.


k9lyn said...

new boris material,this shit never gets boring !

The Whale said...

It doesn't, Boris is pure gold!