July 15, 2008

Mix It All Up In A Dish...

Band: Isis, Aereogramme
Album: In The Fishtank 14 (EP)
Origin: U.S.A./Scotland
Genre: Drone, Metal, Experimental
Year: 2006

This is what the liner notes say:

"In The Fishtank is an ever ongoing project of Konkurrent, independent music distributor in the Netherlands. In this collection Konkurrent invites musicians of various walks of live, to whom they feel strongly related, to record. They are given two days studio time and the freedom to do whatever they like musically. The fishtank offers a space for expressions and experimentation, results may vary but are always surprising.

Upon first spinning this Fishtank sessions of Isis and Aereogramme attracts attention with it's wonderful sound. Where both bands are known for their love of metal and post-hardcore next to experiment and a spheric approach, they not only show these skills here, but on top they reach an impressive high level of purity, roominess and emotion.

Putting two bands together with such different home-bases as Los Angeles and Glasgow in a small town near Amsterdam was a challenge we wouldn't resist. In December 2004 the idea grew concrete that long-time Konkurrent friends Aereogramme would share the studio with Isis to record a Fishtank and in the following months all directions pointed to July 2005 for action. Isis just finished their european tour, Aereogramme hit the road and the bands played a warming-up show at the Amsterdam Paradiso the night before they entered the studio.

When Konkurrent invited Isis and Aereogramme to do a Fishtank-session, we expected a heavy and loud session not yet heard before in the series. Was it the extremely hot weather? The overwhelming 70s atmosphere in the studio? The shitty hotel the night before?
It's the analog warmth that makes the songs tender, organic, imminent and fragile. It's the unexpected that makes this a very successful edition to us."

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