May 03, 2012

Convictions Are More Dangerous Enemies Of Truth Than Lies

Band: Various Artists
Album: Yemen - Death Metal Compilation 0211 via SOMA
Origin: Various
Genre: Death Metal, Black Metal
Year: 2011

Being busy studying for exams (again, seems like that's the only thing I do throughout the year) and living through the hell of having my house renovated, I decided to post this death metal compilation put together by Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), KTL, Burning Witch, and much more) which he posted on his own website. Enjoy!

This is what he wrote about it:

"I made a few friends this comp 2CD of death/black metal bands Ive been listening to a lot lately... not all the most current (98-010), and not as cool a comp as M. Fenriz routinely puts together (obviously?) but these are fucking killer sounds in varying degrees... DEATH METAL NEVER DIES."

Yemen Disc 1:
1) Swallowed - Black Phlegm
2) Swallowed - Unsavorably
3) Swallowed - The Dying Misted In The Bloodstream
4) Acephalix - Warm Flesh
5) Innumerable Forms - Illusory
6) Ascension - Fire And Faith
7) Ascension - Grey Queen
8) Bastard Priest - From Beyond
9) Bastard Priest - Merciless Insane Death
10) Dead Congregation - Morbid Paroxysm
11) Dead Congregation - Source Of Fire
12) Grave Miasma - Pillars
13) Grave Miasma - Ritual Lair
14) Hooded Menace - Laboratory Of Nightmares
15) Hooded Menace - Night Of The Deathcult
16) Kaamos - Dark Void

Yemen Disc 2:
1) Kaamos - Curse Of Aeons
2) Miasmal - Abduction Of The Soul
3) Repugnant - Spawn Of Pure Malevolence
4) Repugnant - Repugnized
5) Sonne Adam - Armed With Hammers
6) Sonne Adam - I Dream The Devil Sign
7) Vasaeleth - Wrathful Deities
8) Vasaeleth - Poisoned Tongue
9) Teitanblood - Infernal Dance Of The Wicked
10) Teitanblood - Seven Chalices Of Vomit And Blood
11) Teitanblood - Anvil Of Holocaust (Outrogramatton)
12) Teitanblood - Necrosemen
13) Teitanblood - Black Pasch (Carnivore Eucharist)
14) Black Majesty - From The Kingdoms Of Edom, Come Ye Forth
15) Black Majesty - Shemhamphorasch
16) Black Majesty - Ad Portas Mortis 
17) Black Majesty - Thus Singeth The Sword Of Curse, Key Of Truth

Various Artists - Yemen

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