April 18, 2012

Gliding Through The Cosmos

Band: Uchu
Album: 1st
Origin: Japan (Osaka)
Genre: Ambient, Psychedelic, Drone
Year: 1998

Uchu is one of the many projects in which the legendary Kawabata Makoto (founding member and key figure in the Acid Mothers Temple 'Soul Collective') is involved. In Uchu he teams up with Higashi Hiroshi (also Acid Mothers Temple), both of them handling guitar and vocal duties. The last member is Ayano, who only does vocals and I can't find anything on her except that she also does some vocals on other Acid Mothers Temple records. It's blissful, repetitive psychedelic ambient music. I'm sorry for the crappy cover art, but it's the best I could find. Enjoy!

This is how they describe themselves:
"Virtual trip ambient unit consisting of Kawabata Makoto, Higashi Hiroshi, and Ayano. All the music is played on voice and electric guitar. Because the concept of the group is to create a kind of "human techno" from improvised cut-up lyrics (single words, actually) and repeating guitar patterns, we use no samplers, sequencers, or synthesizers whatsoever." (www.acidmothers.com)


Steve Sabatini said...

Hey sorry to write this here. How can I email you a link to an album? I'm trying to spread the word on my band's new record.

Unknown said...

There should be an email link on the right side in the 'disclaimer' section.