September 12, 2011

Precious Sound Fantasies

Band: Various Artists 
Album: Tokyo Flashback 5
Origin: Japan (Tokyo)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Year: 2005

I'm finally back, after exams, hangovers and other distractions. I decided to start with the fifth installment of P.S.F. records' fantastic series of compilations (you can find the previous four here). Enjoy!

"Fresh from the darkest depths of the Tokyo psychedelic underground, another crop of ten of the citys wildest sounds. The fifth volume in the modern psychedelic worlds most reliable compilation of out-of-nowhere urban mind liberation. As ever, Tokyo Flashback brings you some old faces alongside the hottest young gunslingers from the wrong side of the Tokyo tracks. Old favourites this time include White Heaven with a vintage track of live acid cool isolationism, Kyoaku no Intention burning down the barn with themselves inside, and Overhang Party ruminating on contemporary world affairs. Most surprising showing is the first track to be released of Keiji Hainos experimental DJ-ing sessions - full-on and unmistakeable Haino, with little fader action and no scratches. New names to juggle with are the dense and crushing tortured muzz of Aural Fit, hallucinatory analogue noise from the mysterious Kabemimi, dark and melancholic gloom from Suisho no Fune, and the beautiful and fractured late-night textures of Hisato Higuchi. 200% head-spinning action." (Alan Cummings)

1) Aural Fit - Behind 20, Beyond 20K
2) White Heaven - Mandrax Town (Live Version)
3) Kyoaku No Intention - Kyoaku No Blues II
4) Kabe Mimi - Green Pupil
5) Suishou No Fune - Black Phantom
6) D.J. Keiji Haino - 中心よりわずか2cmのところに打ち間違われた「・」
7) Hisato Higuchi - Cluster Of Lights
8) Tsuru No Ko - Mitai
9) Overhang Party - Prayer Of A Fool
10) Marble Sheep - Fla Fla Heaven

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