September 18, 2011

The Fourth Drone

Band: Ginnungagap
Album: Return To Nothing: Live At The Flux Factory, Queens 10th March 2004
Origin: France (Paris)
Genre: Drone, Experimental
Year: 2004

Since Ginnungagap has only four releases, and I already posted three of them (here and here), I thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to post the remaining one.
This time Stephen O'Malley, handling guitar duties, recruited Gerrit Wittmer (Misanthropic Agenda) on computer and Tim Wyskida(Khanate, Jodis) on percussion. As the title says, it's live from the Flux Factory in Queens, New York and it contains two tracks. The first (Return To Nothing) is a 28 minute live piece while the second (Nothing To Return) is a remix by Gerrit Wittmer. Enjoy!

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