February 11, 2011

Living and dying is easy...

Band: Ancestors/Graveyard
Album: Ancestors/Graveyard Split 7"
Origin: U.S.A. (Los Angeles, California)/Sweden (Göteborg)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock
Year: 2010

Here's a cool split (limited to a 1000 copies) by Tee Pee Records label mates Ancestors and Graveyard. First up is Ancestors with Antler Wings. A cool track but I do think that their mix of prog, psychedelic rock and metal (think Neurosis meets King Crimson) works better in a longer format (their tracks are usually at least ten minutes long). Next up is Graveyard with a live rendition of As Years Pass By, The Hours Bend. I really love how these Swedes bring a kick ass emulation of 70's heavy rock and their self-titled record is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!

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