February 08, 2011

People Sounding Freaky

Band: Various Artists
Album: Tokyo Flashback 3: P.S.F. Psychedelic Sampler
Origin: Japan (Tokyo)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Year: 1993

My exams are finally over and I decided to celebrate that with the third volume of P.S.F.'s label samplers. Some of the track titles are in Japanese for which I apologise, but I sadly enough don't know the language and I couldn't find translations for them. Musically it's still the same as the previous two volumes that I posted: a collection of some of the best artists from the Japanese psychedelic underground. Enjoy!

3rd volume of Tokyo Flashback Series! Totally 11 groups perform deep sounds. Include Fushitsusha, White Heaven, Shizuka, Overhang Party, etc. (Label Description)

1) Overhang Party - 発熱
2) White Heaven - Midsummer Stroll
3) Fushitsusha - 気がつきだだした
4) Cobalt - 撫の山々
5) Kumo To Hae - Bottom Of The Night
6) Sweet & Honey - Ritual Of The Sun
7) Ghost - Suspect Tells Of Dog Under The Sun
8) Daiichi-Hakkensha - どうせみんなしぬ
9) Uchu Engine - 証明書
10) Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Tapes [Tuning/Casey Don't You Know How It Makes Me So Damn Crazy-うつ病のくすりーThe Night Of Notins]
11) Shizuka - ほどかれた娥羅子のリボン

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