February 26, 2011

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein im kalten Polar

Band: Kodiak/Nadja
Album: Self-titled Split
Origin: Germany/Canada (Toronto)
Genre: Doom, Drone, Shoegaze
Year: 2009

Finally something that isn't a single. This split is a perfect introduction to the two bands that are involved. First up is Kodiak, a German drone/doom outfit, with MCCCXLIX The Rising End, a bleak twenty minute piece starting off with some drones which culminate in to some heavy doom riffing. Remarkable is their simple use of a piano to set the mood in the beginning and at the end of the piece. The second track (also about twenty minutes), Kitsune Fox Drone, is by Canadian dronegazers (yup, just made that one up) Nadja. It's a lot less dark, mostly because it's more about fuzzy drones and swirling guitars than heavy riffs, which makes it perfect after Kodiak. Enjoy!

Kodiak Nadja Split

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