May 05, 2010

Burning Castles...

It's been a long while and I will try to get back to posting (again) as soon as possible. Roadburn was the most amazing festival ever and seeing Crystal Castles perform a week later was also quite awesome (although their set was a bit too short). I've been having some problems uploading and have been very busy trying to study and such so I don't think I will post a review for both Roadburn and Crystal Castles (there are a lot of great reviews out there anyway, I'd suggest The Obelisk). I will however give you a short list of bands that I saw and merch that I bought at Roadburn. Enjoy!

Roadburn Sets:

Earthless (both sets)
Sons Of Otis (Temple Ball Set)
Church Of Misery
Karma To Burn
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore (Black Earth Set)
Fatso Jetson
Brant Bjork
Garcia Plays Kyuss


Ahkmed - Distance
Akhmed - T-shirt with logo on it
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Black Earth
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Sunset Mission
Fear Falls Burning & Nadja - St
Goatsnake - I + Dog Days (reissue)
Suishou No Fune - The Gold Labyrinth
V/A - Welcome Back To MeteorCity (labelsampler that was handed out for free)

And here's a cool song/video for your enjoyment!



fucking good to hear from you.I envy you beacuse you saw crystal castles I love em.their new album is very good too!where did you see them?

The Whale said...

Amsterdam and like I wrote, it was awesome (but short, they played little over an hour). (I'll be posting again when I get my internet back) I think their second is actually less good as the first, dunno, more generic, less screaming, less experimental, less nintendo sounds, although those songs were awesome live(doesn't mean it's not a great album, just love the first one better)


yeah the first one is pretty amazing

the worried well said...

Hey man, if you get a chance throw that Welcome Back To MeteorCity comp up. Not seen it anywhere online. I'd really appreciate it. :)