April 11, 2010

We All Faulter

Band: Jesu
Album: Live at Roadburn 2008 Bootleg
Origin: Great Britain (Birmingham)
Genre: Shoegaze, Experimental, Drone
Year: 2008

Yes, I've been away too long again, but I have been trying to study (exams are coming up). This is another band that I would like to see next week at Roadburn. The quality of this bootleg is much better than the one from Boris, but it's sounds a little distant. I read somewhere that it was a solo set (only Justin Broadrick) though this year it's going to be a full band. Enjoy!

1) Sun Down
2) Brighteyes
3) Lifeline
4) You Wear Their Masks
5) The Playgrounds Are Empty

Jesu - Live at Roadburn 2008 Bootleg


Robin said...

Hi there, zal niet (meer) op Roadburn geraken, wat onoplettend geweest bij de ticketverkoop :/. Ik durf zelf niet meer naar de fantastische lineup te kijken..
Anyhow good luck met de examens!

† SURTR † said...

Hi there !

SURTR has just added a new song after 1000 plays of the part I of our "World of doom" concept. It has been recorded at the same time of our first demo. Check that online : www.myspace.com/surtrdoom


" If great riffs is whats needed for a quality doom metal then this track comes pretty close. Nothing original musically but a fine dose of doom writing just the same, they follow the blueprint of doom metal to the letter here but it is done with integrity and some passion to make a track that demands repeated spins. "
8/10, DoomMantia

Chairmaker said...

Yeah, exams suck (I'm studying too).

P.S. great call on Fatso Jetson as your album of the week, they're one of the best of all the desert bands.