November 09, 2008

In Another Dimension, Jackson Pollock Buys Me A Shot Of Bourbon.

Band: Boris With Merzbow
Album: 04092001
Origin: Japan(Tokyo)
Genre: Stoner Rock, Noise
Year: 2004

04092001 is a collaborative live album between Boris and Merzbow. It was recorded on 04-09-2001 at Milk Tokyo and released in 2004 on Inoxia records (limited to 500 copies). Though most other sites name the two sides as "Side A" and "Side B," it's clear this recording consists of live renditions of five songs from Heavy Rocks accompanied by Merzbow's noise.

Track Listing:
Side A (Heavy Friends, WaReRuRide, Koei)
Side B (Death Valley, Dyna-Soar)


Anonymous said...

Thanks as always for the Boris.

The Whale said...

I'm glad you like it, it's my favourite band (hence the name of my blog).