November 07, 2008


Band: Iron Maiden
Album: The Soundhouse Tapes
Origin: Great Britain
Genre: Metal
Year: 1979

This is the very first EP by Iron Maiden. It features three songs taken from their demo Spaceward. Line-up for this EP was: Paul Di'Anno(Vocals), Dave Murray(Guitar), Steven Harris(Bass Guitar) and Doug Sampson(Drums). Enjoy!


ksn said...

the mighty maiden - had this already, great post nonetheless. maiden was huge for me growing up. granted, i was 6 when this came out ;)

enjoy your blog immensely. don't comment every time i DL something, but definitely appreciate the effort you're putting in.


renrats said...

I really need to check out more early Maiden. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks for sharing this.

The Whale said...

@ksn: thanks, and I'm just happy that you like it and that you comment.

@renrats: no problem!