September 23, 2008

To You It's Shallow Leisure, So Drop The Acid Pill...

Band: Isis
Album: Sawblade
Origin: U.S.A. (Los Angeles, California)
Genre: Doom, Experimental
Year: 1999

Sawblade (also called Buzzsaw) is a handmade CD-R made by Isis for their tour with Neurosis and Candiria, limited to 200 copies (of which the first 40 with red blade inserts). It was sold at these shows at a limit of 15 per night, and the leftover copies were given to friends of the band as a gift. The first and the last songs ( Emission Of The Signal and House Of Low Culture) are made by Isis. The second song (Streetcleaner) is a cover of Godflesh and the third song (Hand Of Doom) is of course a cover of Black Sabbath.

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Marko-V said...

Wow. Isis covering Godflesh - marriage made in heaven?