September 18, 2008

The Existence Of The Sea Means The Existence Of Pirates.

Band: Boredoms
Album: Seadrum/House Of Sun
Origin: Japan (Osaka)
Genre: Experimental, Drone, Noise
Year: 2004

I read somewhere that this album was recorded on a beach, with the drums on wooden platforms playing until the tide came up. True or not, it wouldn't suprise me by a band like Boredoms. First song is Seadrum. It starts with eerie female vocals after which the tribal drumming starts. After a while a piano starts to play over the drums and the vocals come back to haunt you. It reminds me in a way of Flood (by Boris), but that might be because of the sea references. Second song, House Of Sun, is like the come down to Seadrum. It's not as energetic or upbeat. It has some sitar, some guitar and a lack of beats (highly in contrast with Seadrum). It's a droning peace of music and reminds me of Acid Mothers Temple.

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