June 05, 2008

Walk Like An Egyptian...

band: Black Pyramid
album: Demo
origin: U.S.A.
genre: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
year: 2007

I'm sorry, but still no uploads.

"Black Pyramid was formed by ex-members of Artimus Pyledriver / Palace In Thunderland. After having released their three track debut Demo in 2007, the band was noticed by the young belgian label Electric Earth Records and agreed on releasing a 7 inch EP in the beginning of 2008. The tracks on the self titled vinyl EP are quite similar to the tracks on the Demo, groovy yet doomy stuff with a touch of Stoner maybe, but not overdone in any way.

March 2008 saw the departure of bassplayer Eric Beaudry, who was soon after replaced by Gein, also playing with Gein And The Graverobbers." (The Bible Of Doom)

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