June 07, 2008

I can see a dead moon rising

Band: Dead Moon
Album: Strange Pray Tell
Origin: USA
Genre: Garage Rock
Year: 1992

Dead Moon was a Portland, "Beaver State" Oregon band formed in 1987 with Fred Cole on guitar and vocals, his wife Toody Cole on bass and vocals, and drummer/bartender Andrew Loomis.

The main idea of Fred and Toody when they asked Andrew to join a new project of theirs, was to create a sound they described as "some weird-ass kinda country & western". But when they noticed that Andrew Loomis wasn't really into it and the try-out wasn't exactly what they hoped it to be, they decided to go back to stripped down garage rock, punk with some country influences. This was the beginning of Dead Moon.

Fred Cole engineered most of the band's recordings and he cut the first singles on the mono disc cutter that was once used to cut the singles of 'Louie Louie' by The Kingsmen. After a few singles in 1990 they did some gigs in Europe, and the German record label Music Maniac noticed them and quickly released a compilation album of their work so far. And from then on the 'Dead Moon magic' was born in Europe. Strangely enough, while being a big hit in Europe, it wasn't until the mid nineties that they started touring in the USA.

In 2006 Sub Pop released a two CD's anthology of the almost 20 year's long legacy of garage rock gems and Fred Cole's amazing songwriting. And also being called 'THE band to check out' by both Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), this was the moment of breaking through to the bigger audiences. Well it should've been, but as I started my first line of this post with: 'Dead Moon was...'. At the end of 2006 they officially stated they called quits :

-After 20 yrs, Dead Moon is retiring. It has been a journey we will always treasure and feel that a worldwide family has emerged in its place. Dead Moon became much bigger than the band itself, it became a DIY underground hopeful for a lot of people. The candle is still burning! –Fred Cole-

The cd I have uploaded is "Strange Pray Tell", their 8th cd. Considered as one of their classics, this cd is a good introduction to Dead Moon. So enjoy if you will...

Every CD has a poem written on the sleeves by Fred Cole, here's the one from "Strange Pray Tell"
Destinations no one's seen
Flights where no one else has been
Drawn by dark beneath the floors
The echos faintly call once more
Ill of dead who speak in breaths
No longer fear arresting death
Existing in these walled-up tombs
Strangely praying in this doom
I've heard that fleeting, crying sound
Wondering where they're going now
For those forgotten can't remain
Alone their silence fills the space
Death is waiting onforeseen
For those who dare not live their dreams
How could I come so far so soon
My life, my blood, my dying moon

-Fred Cole-

"In your eye"
-The Electric Eel-

Dead Moon - Strange Pray Tell

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