May 15, 2012

Speed Guru Solo #1

Band: Kawabata Makoto
Album: Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae: Guitar Solo 1
Origin: Japan (Osaka)
Genre: Experimental, Psychedelic Noise/Drone
Year: 1998

Another Kawabata Makoto release (Acid Mothers Temple). This time it's solo, and I think (based on the name and the year it was released) that it's his first solo record. It has only two tracks, both about 17 minutes long and both are improvised pieces of droning psychedelic guitar noise. I found this at Bleak Bliss, a fantastic blog, were you'll find more information on this release. Enjoy!

Kawabata Makoto - Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae: Guitar Solo 1


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