October 28, 2011

I can't see beyond the Black Sabbath...

Band: Snares
Album: Sabbath Dubs
Origin: Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Genre: Dubstep, Electronic
Year: 2007

It's time to expand this blog a bit more and add some more electronic music.
Snares is an alias of breakcore artist Venetian Snares, but instead of his usual style, he goes for dubstep on this release. This release, sadly enough, contains only two tracks. The first one is a cover of Black Sabbath, the second one a cover of Electric Funeral. The latter also contains vocal samples from an interview with Ozzy Osbourne where he says: "I always believed...it's never going to get any better than what is now...I can't see beyond the Black Sabbath, I can't see anything without the Black Sabbath."


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe he switched to dubstep when first listened this album... good surprise :)

Anonymous said...

Black Sabbath fan from extreme electronic producer is a good sign

Archont said...
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The Whale said...

Yeah, it's quite a suprise.
I like it when an artist is into different genres, so it's a very good sign when an electronic producer likes Black Sabbath!