September 30, 2011

God I love Autumn

Band: Various Artists
Album: Paradigms Recordings - Autumn Sampler 2011
Origin: Various
Genre: Electronic, Drone, Noise, Experimental, Black Metal, Jazz, Psychedelic Folk, Metal
Year: 2011

I stumbled upon this free label sampler without ever having heard about the label and only knowing one of the artists, Aidan Baker (Nadja), and I have to say, there is quite some awesome stuff to discover on this compilation. Paradigms describes itself as 'a boutique record label based in London, England specializing in exclusive mailorder editions from the esoteric music underground'.
If you like experimental music, then this is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!

...To launch this Autumn's carefully curated selection of upcoming releases, we're very pleased to unveil a FREE download sampler compilation today featuring one exclusive track from each of our new and upcoming releases this season...(Label Description)

1) Rashomon - Jigora
2) IXTAR - Amulet
3) Kinit Her - Mosaic Of The Hyacinths
4) Tele.S.Therion with Wilderness Perversion[Mortuary Drape] - Grimoire XIII
5) Aidan Baker - Loop Study Six
6) Owlfood - End Of Distance
7) Yr Iliad - Grow In
8) A Sending Service - Toward It's Ideal
9) Iron Forest - Wintermute
10) Höhlenmusik Ensemble - Xibal
11) The Slaves - Angel
12) Heinali And Matt Finney - Tinderbox

Paradigms Recordings - Autumn Sampler 2011

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