May 24, 2011

Do you still seek to know? And what?

Band: Ginnungagap
Album: Remeindre
Origin: France (Paris)
Genre: Drone, Experimental
Year: 2004

I can finally post again but it will still be going very slow since I'm very busy studying for my exams. Which doesn't mean that I'm not going to try to resuscitate this blog!

This is the first release in the Latitudes series and for those who don't know Ginnungagap, it's basically Stephen O'Malley's acoustic drone project.
For those who are interested, I've already posted another Ginnungagap release here, and you can read a description of what the Latitudes Series are here.
“Stephen O'Malley was very high on the hit list when the Latitudes series was originally conceived. As both a musician in Sunn O))) and Khanate and the in-house visual artist for Southern Lord, Stephen has been an integral part of the Southern family for years, making his indelible stamp on much of their output, and proving an enthusiastic and committed cohort.

Ginnungagap is the moniker that Stephen uses for all his collaborative improvised projects and previous releases under this name have involved artists diverse as Dawn Smithson (Jessamine) and Stephen Gerrit (Misanthropic Agenda). For this session Stephen enlisted the help of psych/free/folk troubadour Alexander Tucker and fellow traveller Anthony Sylvester.” (Southern Records)
Ginnungagap - Remeindre


TheSilentAstronaut said...

Exams!! I have got mine in 2 weeks and tomorrow is the deadline for my art coursework for which I haven't done enough. My life is fuckedm ahhhh. On a different note, this is an amazing album which has disappeared from my music folder. Shall D/L it again

The Whale said...

Good luck with that (both the exams and the art coursework).

Yeah, I'd love to see more ginnungagap releases in the future (I heard only three out of four, but I'm guessing O'malley has so many projects that it might take a while if there is ever going to be another release)

Charlie Horse said...

Whale- this is fully rad. But , and I'm sorry to hijack this comments box somewhat, you have no email address on the site! The mailto is blank. I would like to offer you a free EP of the UK sludge/crust band Meadows, but how?

By the way, this blog is the mutt's nuts. I love it.

The Whale said...

Thanks a lot Charlie Horse, I'm glad you like it. No excuses needed for the hijacking. There should be an email address in the disclaimer (on your right, just above the ocean vaults).
I would love to hear that EP.
I've been seeing the name Meadows more and more lately (and also because this blog could probably use some more sludge).

Charlie Horse said...

Sorry Whale, but the email link there is blank!... For me anyway.

Darsh said...

Two new Boris albums...

The Whale said...

Charlie Horse: I didn't know that, I'm sorry. I'll check it out but it might take some days since I have two exams in a row right now. In the meanwhile, you can mail to: a r c h o n t e p o n y m o s @ g m a i l . c o m

Darsh: Thanks man! I've only heard some crappy versions of those records so I'm dying to hear a decent one!!!

Charlie Horse said...

Cheers Whale! Good luck with the exams! And Cheers for the Boris link Darsh, you champ!