April 08, 2011

Sabbath Sketches

Band: The Casualties Of Jazz
Album: Kind Of Black
Origin: U.S.A. (West Coast?)
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2004

I'm finally back and I decided to start with another jazz record. It contains 9 covers of Sabbath hits performed with drums, upright bass and a hammond organ. I can't find much information on it (I can tell you that it's very relaxing to listen to), but if you like jazz or Black Sabbath than you might enjoy this!

1) Fairies Wear Boots
2) Luke's Wall/War Pigs
3) Sweet Leaf
4) Wicked World
5) The Wizard
6) N.I.B.
7) Into The Void
8) Black Sabbath
9) Iron Man

Casualties Of Jazz - Kind Of Black


RyGar said...

Very nice. Have you heard the lullaby renditions floating around the web?

Paul said...

they have a grateful dead one to!!

The Whale said...

Cool, I'll check those out! Thanks!