March 12, 2011

Cosmic lullaby and chant from East Enlightenment activists...

Band: Bo Ningen
Album: Koroshitai Kimochi
Origin: Great Britain (London)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Year: 2009

I'm still listening to a lot of Japanese Psych Rock, so I'll probably post some more records in that vein.

The four members of Bo Ningen (meaning Stick Men) were born and raised in Japan and moved independently to London to study where they met and formed a kick ass band. They are described as Black Sabbath meets Can and are compared to other Japanese outfits like Acid Mothers Temple, Boris, Melt-Banana and Boredoms.
This is their first EP (limited to 100 copies on CDr and 200 copies on vinyl) and the only thing I have heard so far, but I already love 'em.

I'm including a stolen review simply because it's by the awesome Stewart Lee and two clips (check youtube for a ton more if you like 'em). Enjoy!

The debut, four-track, 10in vinyl release from the Japanese quartet Bo Ningen sprays action-painted psychedelic guitar splatter over choppy post-punk riffs, with nods to the improvisatory ethos that always nibbles at the fringes of all the best Japa-noise music. Impossible speed meets unbelievable precision. Vast slabs of sound thread delicate pathways. The third track, Atami, a seven-minute progressive-rock-flavoured ballad with shades of the Mars Volta and Smashing Pumpkins, laments the titular seaside resort, once popular, but now largely deserted, and pitches towards a more melodic, contemplative middle ground without sacrificing Bo Ningen’s dignity.
December 13, 2009

Bo Ningen - Koroshitai Kimochi


TheSilentAstronaut said...

check out this blog,
he has many Jap-psych gems, old and new.

The Whale said...

Wow, thanks, there is indeed some great stuff there!