January 15, 2011

Once is orthodox, twice is puritanical.

Band: Orthodox
Album: Matse Avatar EP
Origin: Spain (Seville, Andalusia)
Genre: Experimental Doom Metal
Year: 2010

I finally found some time to make a post. Orthodox is a spanish doom metal band inspired by folklore and jazz, which makes them quite original, using instruments like stand up bass and trumpet (although not on this EP). I'm too lazy and tired to put much work in to this one so I stole the description from the label. Better and less lazy posts are hopefully ahead. Enjoy!

"... If “Matse Avatar” is a warrior call powered by throbbing bass and circular riffing, evoking both OM and Amon Düll II leading galactic troops on their way to invade planet Earth with a subtle Rush reference thrown in the pot (can you spot it?), its flipside “YHVH” goes the exact opposite way, an almost contemplative instrumental of delicate beauty in pure Earth-style, like the calm before the storm..." (Doomentia Records)


Anonymous said...

¡¡¡muy bueno ballena!!!

J.M.B. said...

Just got this week! I can't stop listening to it.