December 21, 2010

It's Not Harry Potter VI

Band: Various Artists
Album: Electric Magic Vol. 7
Origin: Various
Genre: Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Year: 2010

Yet another sampler from the German stoner rock fanzine Generated-x. I like these compilations, it's always a mix of some fairly known artists and some (to me at least) totally new. Enjoy!

01. Orchid - Eastern Woman
02. Da Captain Trips - Down These Gray Clouds
03. Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - Little Man
04. Poobah - Live To Work
05. Samsara Blues Experiment - Center Of The Sun
06. Uran - Voice Of Uran
07. Sideburn - Shining
08. Electric Moon - Gefährliche Planetengirls
09. Midryasi - Lize
10. The Re-Stoned - Electric Storm
11. Seamount - The Ancient
12. Sardonis - Nerdo D'Avola


dan said...

Sweet, the bands I know on this I really dig, Samsara Blues Experiment are a favourite.
Hopefully the rest of it is as good, many thanks.

J.M.B. said...

Don't know any of these bands! Thanks!


Darsh said...

I like that Samsara Blues Experiment. Any chance of getting some on here? Thank you.

The Whale said...

Yeah, I hope you guys get to know some new bands (like me) through this compilation.

Darsh: yeah, they are really great, I'll post something by them for you.