October 22, 2010

Doctor Doctor Gimme Gas In My Ass

I went to watch this awesome movie at the film festival in my town two days ago. It's a swedish movie and I can recommend it to anybody who likes music or just a good and funny movie. The directors were both present at the screening for a Q&A and they revealed some extra information: The drummers in it are real drummers, the sounds aren't faked and it's based on a short film they made in 2001 called "Music for one apartment and six drummers"(with the same six drummers). They are also going to release the music and want to do live performances with it. I included some trailers and the short film at the end of this post. Enjoy! (the first trailer does not have subtitles but that isn't really necessary to understand it)

Police officer Amadeus Warnebring was born into a musical family with a long history of famous musicians. But he has always felt a bit left out, since he hates music. Now, Warnebring is about to face his worst case ever. A group of six eccentric drummers, led by revolutionary genius Sanna, has decided to launch a full-scale musical attack using the city – its buildings, its machinery, its ceaseless noise - as their instrument. Their twisted art form leads to chaos and disorder. The city is faced with outlaws of a new breed; music terrorists. Warnebring starts a desperate hunt for the serial musicians. As he realizes that the young woman with whom he has fallen in love is the leader of the group, he is left with no choice: he must enter the world he has spent his entire life fleeing - the frightening world of rhythm and music. In a work which shows remarkable creativity, the filmmakers are keen to betray their huge fascination with the urban environment and with the sounds that surround us. “Sound of Noise“ proves that music really can change people’s lives.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers

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