September 20, 2010

You take the tank!

Band: Tank86
Album: Ariba
Origin: The Netherlands
Genre: Stoner Rock
Year: 2005

Exams are over, so I'm going to try to be more active again. Let's start with these self-proclaimed Dutch gods of the underground. I got to know Tank86 through Stonerobixxx and I really like their sound. They are instrumental and all about riffs (clearly influenced by Karma to Burn). Ariba was originally released as a split CD with the now defunct bands Willem and Karunga. 500 copies were printed and sold out. You can download the individual tracks for free on the bands website. Enjoy!

Tank86 - Ariba


dan said...

Sweet, this sounds great, I have unhealthy love for Karma to Burn. Anything that sounds like them can't possibly be rubbish.
Trust the exams went well?

The Whale said...

How can that be an unhealty love?
I hope they went well.