August 16, 2010


Yes, it has been a week ago since I announced to post again, but my provider is run by idiots so I couldn't do anything. Now on to the post. This was send to me by GrayChild and he described it like this:
It's just a Dronevil type mixdown of Absolutego and Super Roots 5 I made (because of their similar length and noisy approach). It's not official in any way. 

So if it isn't clear for anyone, he took Absolutego by Boris (which I posted here) and mixed it with Super Roots 5 by Boredoms. This means that this is a slab of ultra noisy and drony destruction. Enjoy!

Boris with Boredoms - absoluteGO!!!


abyssalpink said...

So freaking cool, can't wait to listen to this!

Darsh said...