September 28, 2009

Smoking Electric Cigarettes...

Band: Baby Woodrose
Album: Coming Around Again 7"
Origin: Denmark (Copenhagen)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock
Year: 2008

I could review this great single, but this whale is very tired so I'm going to post Lorenzo Woodrose (the band's main man) his comments on both songs. Enjoy!

"Coming Around Again" could have been a hit for anybody, except we ended up playing it a bit too fast and adding lots of over the top twangy surf guitar and beeping Farfisa organ that kind of detract from it's easy listening qualities. The end result is somewhat bubblegum sounding. Some uplifting lyrics about coming back up after having been down for some time. This one turned out much better than I thought it would during mixing. This was actually considered for "Chasing Rainbows" album quite a lot.

"I Feel High" is really different. If it wasn't for the lyrical theme (sex, drugs, rock'n'roll) it would have fit well on the Chasing Rainbows album, where I deliberately wanted to go a bit deeper with my subject matter. Acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine and a hauntingly hypnotic Farfisa organ. We actually recorded this as a band, but felt it worked better sounding a bit folky and psychedelic. The intro was later pasted on, consisting of backwards drums and distant fuzzguitar".

Baby Woodrose - Coming Around Again


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