August 03, 2009

Did You Drink Spermatozoa?

Band: Boris
Album: Demo Vol. 3
Origin: Japan (Tokyo)
Genre: Metal, Doom
Year: 1994

I know it has been a while so I'm making it up with this gem. It's a rip of one of the two known Boris demo tapes. This means that it is one of the rare recordings with Nagata on drums (it also labels Takeshi as Otani). The quality is great and you can really hear how they are influenced by The Melvins on these recordings.
You can find the artwork here. Enjoy!

1) Scar Box "Misery in your arms."
2) Mosquito "Knife blowing in to my eyes."
3) Matozoa "Did you drink spermatozoa?"
4) Deep Sucker "Taking ever harpy."

Boris - Demo Vol. 3

P.S. : The file contains 2 extra songs, Loud and Water Porch. I think they are hidden tracks on the tape.


momo said...

omfg i'm speechless

RyGar said...

I think I'm gonna like this one. Thanks.

Neilantman said...


The Whale said...

I'm glad you guys like it.

m. said...

I came.

seasick said...

eggnog style titles!

Darsh said...

Thank you very much. I can't wait to rock it out!

If you haven't heard the Metallica - "...And Justice for Jason" on Lucid Media then check it out. It's great!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!

CosmicFugue said...

Thank you so much. :D

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