July 02, 2009

Whales! Whales! Whales!

It has been a while because of my exams and some computer problems but I'm back so expect some great music soon.


Mari said...

Welcome back! :-)

Charles D. Ward said...


Were you at Graspop? I've had a lot of fun with a couple of hilarious Vlamingen who called me "de Baron" because of the C1000-huismerkbier I supplied them with. Had a lot of fun; seen a lot of bands (most of them fucking great).

See you around soon, god dammit.

Lara said...

(: !
I love whale.

the worried well said...

Glad you've come back up for air.


heyyyyyyyyy finally!I missed your fishsmell (I know you are a mammal!) around!
How did your exams go?

The Whale said...

They could have been beter. I have a post ready, I just have some problems with the uploading.