April 12, 2009

"Big Bikes, Heavy Boots and Chain Belts..."

Band: The Lords Of Altamont
Album: To Hell With The Lords Of Altamont
Origin: USA (Los Angeles)
Genre: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk
Year: 2004

Are you in for some hell-raising garage rock, influenced by the raw power of 70s rock? Then this is the post that'll satisfy your needs.

The lords of altamont, a band consisting of ex-members from The Bomboras, The Fuzztones and from the legendary band MC5, are a force to be reckoned with. As you can notice the band, their alter-ego's and songtitles are inspired by biker culture. While some might say, they're some kind of fraud hardcore bikerband ( some equivalent like the punk The towers of London 'play'), I say that they're a band respecting the music they love, by bringing the world a mighty loud sound.

If you ever have the opportunity to see them live, don't hesitate, unless you're bothered by the way they show their 'rockerconfidence' ( in form of poses, or cocky talks with the audience). Luckily I love that stuff, when I go to a show, it's mainly for the music but also a little for the show ( that's why I went to see KISS last year).

The link is below , enjoy as usual, if that's what you're into...

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Insane Riez said...

Thanx for this one. Great band! I saw them years ago with their first tour.