February 07, 2009

In Memoriam Lux Interior

I just found out that the legendary Lux Interior (founding member of The Cramps) has died not long ago. He died at Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale, California of a pre-existing condition on February 4, 2009.
I guess I was lucky to have seen The Cramps perform a couple of years ago.
Let's hope he gets his kicks, on route 666.


Insane Riez said...

I love The Cramps, so this is bad news.

The Whale said...

Yeah, it seems like it kept under the radar.

d. said...

you saw the cramps!!! damn!!!
really bad news!
once, i saw in a friend's PC, The Cramps doind a hospital gig!
Crazy people around there!
Really Crazy people around there!!!
thanks for the post.

The Whale said...

Haven't seen that yet, but as far as I know, that's a gig in a mental hospital!