February 15, 2009


Band: Acid Mothers Afrirampo
Album: We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo
Origin: Japan (Osaka)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Year: 2005

This collaboration is everything you can expect from both groups, mind melting psychedelica and craziness. Acid Mothers Afrirampo is essentially the core three members of Acid Mothers Temple (Kawabata Makoto, Higashi Hiroshi, Tsuyama Atsushi) with the two members of Afrirampo (Pika and Oni). The addition of Afrirampo gives the sound some free jazz and experimental elements with a strong focus on the drums. Enjoy!


the worried well said...

I hadn't heard this. Tenkuveddymush.

Neilantman said...


Maria G. said...

Im going to Japan in one month! great to find this! Greetings.