January 10, 2009

You Weren't there man!

Instead of reviewing all the gigs I saw between september and december 2008, I decided to just post the little things I wrote down about them. Don't expect much out of it. No real reviews, or coherent sentences, just some words patched together. Enjoy!

Porn - Big Business - (The) Melvins: Great gig to start with. First time I saw these bands live and they were awesome. I would like to see these three bands again, together.

Archivist - Sardonis - Obiat: Not a great gig. Only really good band was Sardonis, and they luckily kicked ass.

The Cleement Peerens Explosition: Comedy Rock Band, they are lot's of fun but the gig was a free one with thousands of students which sucked big time!

Rock & Roll Masterclass: Boozed - Paranoiacs - Demented Are Go - The Hellacopters: Boozed actually rocked but the paranoiacs suck dick! Demented Are Go were the main reason for me to go, first time I saw them and it rocked! Headliner the hellacopters were boring so I left while they were playing.

Dead Souls - Motorpsycho: I was a bit late so I missed the dead souls. After that came Motorpsycho. It was the first time I saw them and it was really awesome, I definitely want to see those guys again!

The Killbots: Don't know how many times I've seen these guys but it doesn't matter, it's still fun.

11 Years Orange Factory: My Sleeping Karma - Hypnos 69 - Los Natas - Brant Bjork & The Bros: Great evening as you can see by the line up. It was the first time I saw all those bands except for Hypnos 69, and all four bands were awesome!

Diablo Blvd. - Hermano: Another great evening. Got my Diablo Blvd. EP signed and it was another first time for me since I had never seen Hermano before. I don't think I need to tell you how great they were.

El Guapo Stuntteam - The Datsuns: Good evening, two bands I already saw a couple of times before but who still bring a great rock 'n' roll show.

The Real Mckenzies: Booze and Rock'n'roll.

Lento - Ufomammut: I forgot the first two bands but they were local fuckers and I didn't really care. Great revelation to me was Lento, though Ufomammut was at least on equal par with them of course.

Guapo - Isis: I thought guapo sucked somewhat but Isis really did what they are supposed to do: bulldoze!

Mudgang: Some good oldskool trashy garage rock brought to you by local legends.


mr.A said...

damn dude that was a very good year for you!

The Whale said...

Oh, it's not my year, it's only the gigs from between september and december. I've seen lots more in 2008!


yeah I would love to see the MELVINS again!but hellyeah that are some good concerts you`ve seen!the last thing I`ve seen was DESPISED ICON/CEPHALIC CARNAGE and TRASH TALK/THE MONGOLOIDS and they were great except DI/CC had a shitty sound!

The Whale said...

Yeah, some great gigs indeed. DOn't really know despised icon/cephalic carnage and trash talk/the mongoloids, but I'm guessing that's because they are more like grind, death metal and such? (not really a big fan of that)


yeah thats more death metal/powerviolence/hc stuff!my concert years was more dm/hc like last year I`ve seen a lot stoner/doom bands but I like everything it should just be good and make fun!

The Whale said...

Very true