January 25, 2009

Fiat Lux...

Band: Various Artists
Album: Let There Be Doom (A Kult Collection Of Massive Sub-Harmonics)
Origin: Various
Genre: Doom, Sludge, Drone, Metal
Year: /

I'm still busy with my exams, so I decided to post this label sampler from Southern Lord Records. Enjoy!

1) Place Of Skulls - Last Hit
2) Sourvein - Bang Leaf
3) Earthride - Deception
4) Sunn O))) - The Gates Of Ballard
5) Grief - I Hate You
6) Warhorse - I Am Dying
7) Weedeater - God Luck And Good Speed
8) Toadliquor - Interstellar Space (Love)
9) Boris - Huge
10) Khanate - Skin Coat (Live)
11) Earth - German Dental Work


Neilantman said...


Anonymous said...

killer comp from killer label , simple as that , thanks a lot - harry lime

Chairmaker said...

You know I like comps, and it's hard to go wrong w/ southern lord stuff- thanks.

The Whale said...


And there is more where that came from.